We’re More Than A Network.

We’re a collective of creators who have gathered to create the most genuine, sincere work possible, uninhibited by self-doubt, red tape, or competing agendas.


We’re currently looking to expand our community with marginalized voices who are one of two things:

  • already podcasting or are actively working on a podcast and are looking for a creative community to belong to and a platform to amplify their voice.
  • interested in the medium of audio and interested in a low-stakes environment where they can experiment and learn in the context of a supportive community.


If you don’t think of yourself as a marginalized voice (who needs more Joe Rogans, am I right?), we still want to hear from you! In particular we’d love to hear from those who:

  • have a podcast with an existing audience and desire to use their platform to lift up and amplify the voices of others.
  • have production, audio editing, or other podcast-adjacent skills that they would like to offer up to others.


In addition to a collaborative group of creators, Area Code offers creative, cross-promotional, and consulting opportunities to those who are interested in making podcasts but struggle to know where to start.


The Area Code Network is committed to increasing our listener’s sense of social connection with a diverse range of people. We believe this is accomplished through:

  • Vulnerability – We put one another’s success ahead of our own. We enable vulnerability by working to show respect, limit judgment, and to cultivate spaces where collaborators, hosts, and guests feel safe and welcome to express themselves.
  • Empathy – We work to understand one another actively and to cultivate a posture of active listening.
  • Inclusivity – We accept and value one another for our differences. At Area Code we are continually asking “Who is overrepresented here, and who do we need to hear from next?” We believe that hearing from a range of perspectives is good for those being represented and inherently improves both Area Code and its listeners.



Think you’d benefit from being a part of Area Code’s community? Send an email to: hello@areacodenetwork.com and include the following information:

  1. In 100 words or less, describe your podcast. If you don’t have a podcast, describe your relationship with the medium and what sort of work you can imagine doing at Area Code.
  2. Who are you, and who do you believe your work could connect with the most?
  3. We’re looking for people who know who they are and what they’re about. What motivates you? What purpose do you serve in the world?
  4. What can you add to our community? We’re not interested in being an echo chamber. We want every new creator we add to the network to bring new perspectives, or at least an interest in supporting others who can.
  5. What can we do for you? Area Code is a flexible, versatile community. We start every conversation with podcasters with a discussion about what they need from us. So let’s get that conversation going.


Area Code prioritizes underrepresented voices, including but not limited to: Indigenous or people of color (BIPOC), members of LGBTQ+ communities, marginalized ethnic and religious cultures, and people with disabilities and neurodiversity.

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